OSEPH E. SCHMITZ, PLLC ("JESPLLC"), is a unique, veteran-owned law and consulting firm founded in 2008 by the Honorable Joseph E. Schmitz, former Inspector General of the Department of Defense. Its core values are Integrity, Transparent Accountability, Disciplined Teamwork, and Independence.

Our Mission
Providing value-added Legal and Private Sector Inspector General professional services, also known as Independent Monitoring, as well as “Privileged & Confidential” Escrow Management services, that reflect our core values.
Our Vision
Leaders serving leaders, inspiring measurable results through the "Principle of First and Second Things."  C.S. Lewis, "First and Second Things," reprinted in GOD IN THE DOCK, 278 (1942); see Plato, THE LAWS, 361b-d (360 BC).

Contact: info@jespllc.com

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